Next Generation UltraVacLT® Capacitor Switches

Next Generation UltraVacLT® Capacitor Switches

Mon, 2015-03-30

Hubbell Power Systems is pleased to announce the expansion of its line of Trinetics® UltraVacLT® Capacitor Switches to include the 27kV capacitor switch.

The addition of this next generation vacuum solid dielectric capacitor switch further broadens our already extensive product offering.

The UltraVacLT® capacitor switch’s exceptional performance, driven by the patent pending switching mechanism combined with a time-proven vacuum interrupter, results in the highest restrike category, C2 and 50,000 paired open and close maintenance-free operations.

Furthermore, its unique 1-piece, tank-less design made from all highly corrosion resistant materials makes it the lightest in the industry at less than 25 lbs.

When less means more, make the UltraVacLT® capacitor switch your ideal choice for your next capacitor switching application.

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