MR Series Air Contact Relays

MR Series Air Contact Relays

MR Series: Air Contact Relays

The MR series is the foundation of the Trinetics product line of multiple relay lighting controls. MR relays feature a time-proven electromagnetic design that provides high compression, low audible noise and minimum eddy current heating. For customers in need of heavy duty construction and long-term performance, the MR series is built for years of trouble-free service in the most challenging environments. This series of air contact lighting relays is offered in the following configurations:

  • One or two poles
  • Normally open or normally closed
  • 30, 60, or 100 amp

Most MR lighting control relays are protected by rugged cast aluminum enclosures, although some of the 30A MR lighting relays may be supplied with heavy duty Bakelite cases.


  • Voltage ratings:  120V, 240V, or 480V
  • Load ratings:  30A, 60A, or 100A
  • Poles:  1-pole or 2-pole
  • Protection:  Fused, circuit breaker, or not protected
  • Case:  Aluminum or Bakelite
  • Control:  Photocell or external control circuit

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