RLY Series Air Contact Relays

RLY Series Air Contact Relays

The RLY series was developed for lighting system designers in need of an inexpensive air contact lighting relay that outperforms sealed, difficult-to-repair, and throw-away models. The performance and reputation of the Trinetics line proves that durability and maintainability are essential to cost-efficient lighting relays. The RLY series offers superior service life at a competitive purchase price and is offered with the following configurations:

  • One or two poles
  • Normally open or normally closed
  • 30 amp

The RLY relays are typically provided with UV stable Lexan cases. These enclosures have a detachable cover retained by an integral safety chain that ensures ample working room and easy service access. Aluminum enclosures are also optionally available for these 30-amp relays.


  • Voltage ratings:  120V
  • Load ratings:  30A
  • Poles:  1-pole or 2-pole
  • Protection:  Fused
  • Case:  Aluminum or molded
  • Control:  Photocell or external control circuit

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