Special Series Air Contact Relays

Special Series Air Contact Relays

Special Series Air Contact Relays

Our Special Series air contact lighting relays were derived from purpose-specific custom requirements, but two more standard products resulted: Service Point and Group Lighting.

Service Point I and Service Point II primarily consist of multiple distribution branch circuit breakers protected by a primary disconnect breaker in a panel board configuration. These configurations are used in multicircuit lighting projects by the Department of Transportation and others.

Group lighting control (RLY-CSD) consists primarily of an RLY relay controlling a single-phase Trinetics oil or vacuum switch on the primary side of one or more lighting transformers. This primary-side switching is popular where one control for multiple transformer lighting circuits is required, such as ballpark lighting or other wide area lighting configurations.


  • Voltage ratings:  120V, 240V, or 480V
  • Load ratings: 30A, 60A, or 100A
  • Poles:  1-pole or 2-pole
  • Protection:  Fused or breaker
  • Case:  Aluminum, molded, or steel
  • Control:  Photocell or external control circuit

Product Selection

Service Point I

Stand-alone configuration

Service Point I may be used as a component for constructing a larger, custom Service Point II distribution panel or as a stand-alone configuration.

Outline Drawing of Service Point I

Wiring Diagram of Service Point I

Service Point II

As a stand-alone lighting control distribution panel, the Service Point II provides complete protection for your distribution lighting requirements.

Outline Drawing of Service Point II

Wiring Diagram of Service Point II


The combination of the RLY lighting control relay and the CSD oil switch (or other Trinetics switch) provides primary voltage switching of a single or multiple transformers in lighting circuits for ballparks or other situations requiring wide area lighting.

Group Lighting Control Diagram

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Spare Parts

Consult your Trinetics representative for further details or if factory repair is required.

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