Sealed Contact Lighting Control Relays

Sealed Contact Lighting Control Relays

Sealed Lighting Control Relays

The sealed lighting control relays are constructed with ruggedized mercury tube contactors that are hermetically sealed, have no contact wear points, offer spark-free operation and have only one moving part. The single moving part of the mercury relay is a ceramic plunger that causes mercury to flow together or separate to close and open the load circuit electrically. The ruggedness and reliability of the simple design of these mercury relays has been proven in thousands of field applications, including lighting relays. Sealed relays are easily identified as types MTR-, MTRR-, MR-T, or MRR-T.

The sealed contactor, mercury tube relays are available in the following configurations:

  • One- or two-pole
  • Normally open or normally closed
  • 30, 60, or 100-amp
  • Fused or non-protected lighting circuits
  • Submersible


  • Voltage ratings:  120V, 240V, or 480V
  • Load ratings:  30A, 60A, or 100A
  • Poles:  1-pole or 2-pole
  • Protection:  Fused or not protected
  • Case:  Aluminum or molded
  • Control:  Photocell or external control circuit


Spare Parts

Consult your Trinetics Representative for further details or if factory repair is required.

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