Sectionalizing & Pad Mount Enclosures

Sectionalizing & Pad Mount Enclosures

Trinetics is the brand of sectionalizing and pad-mounted enclosures for the most cost-effective solution for safe, underground connections with well-designed and long-lasting finishing to withstand various environmental conditions.

Trinetics has the industry reputation of:

  • Superior quality
  • Broadest product-line offering
  • High responsiveness to customers

All our enclosures are precision fabricated and protected with the industry-standard durable finishing for aesthetically pleasing, safe, and long-lasting design while providing you with the most cost-effective option in mild steel.

For harsh environments, we offer a variety of options to meet your needs in:

  • Mild steel with zinc-rich primer
  • Aluminum
  • Stainless steel

Trinetics utility enclosures meet ANSI/IEEE C57.12.28 requirements, and are RUS approved. Most Trinetics enclosures are shipped pre-assembled for fast and convenient installation. Custom and non-standard size enclosures and colors are available upon request.

The Hubbell CW300 and CW200 sectionalizing enclosure series provides a low-cost, safe, and aesthetically pleasing means of providing a sectionalizing and tap point for underground distribution systems. These pad-mounted sectionalizing enclosure cabinets are available in sizes for use on single- and three-phase systems rated 200A or 600A, 15kV through 35kV, of standard sizes in mild steel and marine-grade aluminum. Mild steel with zinc-rich primer and stainless steel options are available upon request. Various accessories such as metal or fiberglass ground sleeves, junctions, risers, ground bar, and decals are available upon request to meet your specific requirements.
Sectionalizing Cabinets
Trinetics fusegear offers customers the ability to easily install fuse protection when sectionalizing their distribution systems.
Fused Sectionalizers
The Hubbell EL100 Multipurpose apparatus enclosure series is designed and manufactured to provide an aesthetically pleasing, safe means of housing all types of equipment such as overhead transformers, metering, gas regulators, and capacitors at ground level. These pad-mounted enclosures are available in five standard singular-unit sizes ranging from 42”D x 42”W x 53”H up to 54”D x 54”W x 91”H. These enclosures, utilized in underground constructions, are modular in design. They can easily be ganged together, providing increased versatility and flexibility. Enclosures are typically shipped unassembled for handling and logistics convenience.
Multipurpose Apparatus Enclosures
The Trinetics multi-connection secondary termination enclosure provides a safe, convenient, and aesthetically pleasing connection point for multiple services suitable for up to 600V. These pad-mounted enclosures are suitable for low voltage splicing or cable termination from the secondary side of a utility’s transformer for multiple service feeds. They are available in two standard designs: 1) Convertible 360-plus, patent-pending, 5-point entry access termination enclosure with lay-in connectors, and 2) Dual-access termination enclosure with copper bus bar.
Multi-connection Secondary Termination Enclosures


Service quality is a critical requirement of any distribution system demanded by electric power consumers. In order to maximize reliability, distribution utilities will sectionalize their underground feeder systems to help with fault isolation, while minimizing the length of failed cable to be replaced allowing faster temporary repairs and minimizing the number of customers out of service due to outages caused by feeder failures and cable damage.

Utilities need a way to protect, tap and splice their underground feeder with convenient access above ground while maintaining confidence that the equipment is secured from unauthorized access and protected from the elements. In residential and commercial areas, utilities are not only seeking an enclosure to safely and securely sectionalize their underground feeder but also one that blends with the environment and is aesthetically pleasing to the public.