Fused Sectionalizers

Fused Sectionalizers

Trinetics pad-mount deadfront fused sectionalizer enclosures offer the customer a choice of using current-limiting NX clip style fuses in our top-hinged fused sectionalizers, or SM4, SM5, or SM20 type power fuses in our double-door fused sectionalizers. Our top-hinged design provides a low-profile means of terminating and fusing distribution cables to subdivisions and other applications where current-limiting fuse protection is required. Our double-door fused sectionalizers are used where the installation requires other type of power fuses in either a disconnect or a loadbreak design. All of our fusegear is built to ANSI standards and is available in loop- or radial-feed design with multiple fuse taps. Fusegear is available with 600A bushings, 200A bushing wells, or a combination of both depending on job requirements. Trinetics fused sectionalizers come standard in mild steel, but are also available in aluminum and stainless steel.


The fused sectionalizer enclosure is available as follows:

  • 5kV thru 35kV.
  • Constructed for connection to the utility system with separable insulated connectors as described in ANSI/IEEE standard 386-1985 or latest revision.
  • Separable insulated connectors and load-break inserts are supplied by user.
  • Unit available with a variety of current limiting and power fuses to meet utility requirements.
  • Fuse compartment is separated from the elbow compartment by a steel equipment plate.
  • Separate access is provided for each compartment.
  • A door safety barrier is provided inside each door on the fuse compartment.
  • Enclosure is designed for outdoor installation and is completely assembled prior to shipment.
  • Custom designs are available to meet specific project / customer needs, consult factory for your requirements.

Standard Configurations:

Standard configuration drawing




Available Options

  • Ships with or without:
    • Fuses
    • Bushing well inserts


  • Fused sectionalizing enclosures meet ANSI standards. For maximum strength, the unit is built of 12 ga. sheet steel, and the cover cross-kinked for water run-off and rigidity. (Also available stainless steel or aluminum).
  • The enclosure has an open bottom with a “C” channel with a 2" lip for strength and ease of mounting to the pad.
  • Doors include three-point latching and a nonferrous captive penta- or hex-head bolt. The doors have fully welded, stainless steel hinges and a captive door holder.
  • The grounded metal barrier separating the compartments is light gray powder coated for long-life and high-contrast for safety.
  • The finish is electrostatically applied polyester powder with a Munsell green color 7GY3.29/1.5 and has a minimum thickness of 2 mils (other colors available).
  • Grounding provisions are placed for ease of installation and operation.



  • Bushings 15kV through 35kV 200 through 600A meet all aspects of ANSI/IEEE.


  • The barriers are glass-reinforced polyester NEMA GPO-3 class material. They are white to provide maximum visibility.
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