Power Factor Correction Equipment: Capacitors & Capacitor Banks

Power Factor Correction Equipment: Capacitors & Capacitor Banks

Robust power factor correction equipment

Power Factor Correction, or PFC, describes the use of capacitors to correct power distribution inefficiencies caused by excessive reactive power demand. Our medium-voltage power factor correction equipment (also referred to as reactive power compensation) are widely known to be reliable, durable and cost-effective options for improving electrical power systems. While a high power factor signals maximum use of electrical power, a low power factor forces the purchase of more power in order to obtain the same load kW, signaling an inefficient power system and increasing demand charge penalties on your utility bill (learn more about it here). Thus, by utilizing PFC systems (capacitors and capacitor banks), you will:

  • control system voltage
  • help distribution utilities reduce their line losses
  • increase available system capacity, and, and
  • allow larger energy consumers to reduce or eliminate power factor penalty charges


Trinetics Power Factor Correction Equipment Benefits

As trusted power factor correction equipment manufacturers (we're a subsidiary of Hubbel Power Systems, Inc.), our shunt capacitors and SmartBank™ line of capacitor banks feature carefully engineered products, quality components and assemblies, and offer up to 3600kVAR-34.5kV – all at competitive prices and ready for installation upon delivery. So you can trust Trinetics as your reliable source for medium-voltage power factor improvement equipment (as well as capacitor switches). Please select any of the following products to learn more.

We offer a complete line of medium-voltage shunt capacitors for pad- and pole-mounted bank applications that incorporate features for top performance and high field reliability – including polypropylene film and foil element construction, rugged stainless steel cases protected with multi-coat epoxy finishes and heavy-duty terminals with bolt-down connectors. Available in 15kV, 25kV & 35kV, these power factor improvement capacitors are ideal for applications requiring voltage regulation, and loss reduction.
Power factor capacitors
Whether your situation calls for switched or fixed applications, our pole-mounted power factor correction capacitor banks can accommodate. They're among the most trusted in the industry and come fully assembled and ready for installation (and carry the reliability of Trinetics brand capacitors).
Power factor correction capacitor bank
Our pad-mounted power factor correction capacitor banks carry the reliability of Trinetics brand capacitors and include an outdoor weatherproof enclosure that complies with ANSI standards. They can be supplied in any state of completion to meet job requirements: without capacitors or with customer-supplied (Trinetics installed) capacitors.
Pad-mounted Capacitor Banks