Medium-Voltage Power Factor Correction Capacitors: 15kV, 25kV & 35kV

Medium-Voltage Power Factor Correction Capacitors: 15kV, 25kV & 35kV

Trinetics power factor correction capacitors (also referred to as shunt capacitors) are robust, reliable and industry-trusted options for improving inefficient electrical power systems, thanks to meticulously-engineered components and assemblies. The standard design is rated for an operating ambient temperature range of -40C to +55C, which would be categorized as "heavy duty" for other manufacturers.

Shunt Capacitor Configurations

Our medium-voltage capacitors are available in:

  • One or two bushing configurations
  • 50, 100, 150, 200, 300, or 400 kVAr standard sizes
  • 500kVAr, 600 kVAr, and other sizes available*
  • 95, 110, or 125kV BIL (150kV BIL upon request)

*Note: Contact factory for custom kVAr ratings on capacitors for power factor correction and harmonic filter bank applications.

Power Factor Correction Capacitor Construction

There's a reason our medium-voltage power factor correction capacitors are among the most trusted in the industry. Notable construction elements include:

  • 409 series stainless steel case finish allows superior heat dissipation and offers excellent protection against corrosion in outdoor environments.
  • Power factor capacitors are sandblasted prior to painting.
  • Epoxy primer and two coats of polyurethane top coat are applied.
  • Paint thickness exceeds 85 microns.
  • Welded terminals are mechanically stronger and provide more consistent mounting than soldered terminals.
  • Heavy duty bolted connections provide superior performance to tab-and-crimp.
  • Solid studs eliminate the inconsistencies associated with solder-filled studs.

IEEE 18 & IEC60871-1 Compliant

Trinetics shunt capacitors, in addition to all of our power factor correction systems, are compliant with IEEE 18 and IEC60871-1.


  • Capacitor kVAr ratings: 50, 100, 150, 200, 300, and 400 (optional:  500 and 600 kVAr)
  • Bushings:  1 or 2 bushings (2-bushings typical)
  • Bushings (creep): 14.95” (380mm), 23.6” (600mm), 30” (762mm)
  • Temperature category: -40C to +55C
  • Case: 409 series stainless steel
  • Dielectric type: All polypropylene film
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