Smartbank™ Medium-Voltage Pole-Mounted Capacitor Banks

Smartbank™ Medium-Voltage Pole-Mounted Capacitor Banks

Trinetics medium voltage, pole-mounted capacitor banks are offered as switched capacitor banks using Trinetics UltraVac® solid dielectric switches,  VS vacuum switches or CSD oil switches. Combined with the reliability of our durable power factor capacitors, Trinetics provides complete medium voltage capacitor banks that are fully assembled and ready for installation. Trinetics pole-mounted power factor correction capacitor banks are also available as fixed pole-mounted capacitor banks that do not contain switches, but still have the reliability of Trinetics brand capacitors and provide a complete medium voltage capacitor bank that is fully assembled and ready for installation.

Trinetics also offers flexibility in the customer's choice of capacitors used in the bank; by using capacitors supplied by other major capacitor manufacturers if that better suits the customer’s requirements. Trinetics can supply the bank in any state of completion to meet job requirements. Our power factor correction capacitor banks can be supplied without capacitors, or with customer-supplied, Trinetics-installed capacitors. Trinetics can supply capacitor controllers from various manufacturers or provisions for the customer to mount their own controller.

Trinetics pole-mount PFC banks, whether switched or fixed, are supplied on self-supporting aluminum racks. Trinetics normally supplies a six-position rack as standard even if only three capacitors are required, thus allowing the customer to expand the capacitor bank in the future by merely inserting the additional capacitors. We also offer racks in three-and nine-position versions.


SmartBank pole-mounted capacitor banks are weatherproof and come fully assembled and ready for installation/connection to your utility system. Unit available specifications are as follows:

  • 5kV thru 35kV
  • kVAR ratings from 150 to 3600
  • Comes standard with a six (6) position self supporting welded aluminum rack (three (3) and nine (9) position racks available)
  • Capacitors manufactured by Trinetics (or other major capacitor manufactures at customer request).
  • Fixed (no switches) or Switched; using a wide variety of reliable Trinetics switches; CSD (Oil), VS (Vacuum under oil), UltraVac (Solid dielectric vacuum) installed and wired.
  • Optional arresters
  • Optional control power transformer
  • Optional controllers
  • Trinetics SmartBanks offer the customer the flexibility needed to meet virtually any project requirement, we can even supply the banks without capacitors for customers that want to supply and install their own capacitors.
  • Custom designs are available to meet specific project / customer needs, consult factory for your requirements.
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