UltraVacLT® Solid Dielectric Vacuum Capacitor Switches

UltraVacLT® Solid Dielectric Vacuum Capacitor Switches

UltraVacLT® Capacitor Switches (PATENT PENDING)

Capacitor switching applications often have demanding electrical and ambient operating requirements. Whether for indoor or outdoor applications, each installation has unique challenges. In the tradition of our time-proven UltraVac® series of capacitor switches, our next generation corrosion resistant UltraVacLT® capacitor switch is designed to meet additional requirements while providing best-in-class performance.  The UltraVacLT® capacitor switch conforms to ANSI C37.66 and IEC 815 Class IV (for heavy pollution).

Lowest total cost of ownership:

The exceptional performance of the UltraVacLT® vacuum switch driven by the patent pending switching mechanism combined with a time-proven vacuum interrupter results in a best-in-class C2 restrike rating and 50,000 maintanence-free operations (number of paired open and close).  Coupled with corrosion resistant materials and uncompromising quality, the UltraVaLT® switch is the most reliable, robust and cost-effective solution for your capacitor bank switching applications.

Ease of installation, for a convenient, faster and safer install:

The innovative one piece tank-less design of the UltraVacLT® vacuum switch makes it the lightest in the industry.  The unique clamping band with NEMA hanger bracket provides an infinite adjustable mounting system for flexible installation with rotation up to 275 degrees.  In addition, the switch can be mounted in either a vertical or horizontal position for increased flexibility. 

Versatile for all applications including coastal, high contamination and retrofit:

The UltraVacLT® vacuum switch with its low amperage draw is an easy choice for field replacements of solenoid switches as well as legacy motor operated switches.  Made of corrosion resistant materials suitable for the harshest environments and its low profile design applicable for the smallest of spaces, the UltraVacLT® switch is the ideal choice.

This new design has

  • Patent pending switching mechanism with low amperage draw solenoid operator allows for more operating voltage options while also an easy choice for field replacements of legacy motor operator switches.
  • Innovative one piece tank-less design makes it the lightest in the industry for ease of installation, a convenient, faster and safer install.
  • Corrosion resistant stainless steel mounting system of infinite adjustable mounting rotation angles at no risks of compromising seals for increased install flexibility and reliability.
  • Made of corrosion resistant materials, high density polyethylene and stainless steel mounting system, versatile for all applications including coastal applications.


  • Rated Maximum Voltage (Ungrounded L-L): 17.8kV and 27.6kV
  • Load ratings: 200A
  • BIL ratings: 95, 110/125, 125, 150kV BIL
  • Operation: Solenoid or manual
  • Solenoid operating voltage:  50/60 Hz, 120Vac or 240Vac or 125Vdc
  • Bushing creepage distance:
    • Terminal to terminal: 20.3 - 28.5 in / 516 - 724 mm
    • Terminal to ground: 25 in / 635 mm
    • Switch height: 24.9 - 27.0 in / 632.5 - 685.8 mm
  • Mounting provision: NEMA pole mount
  • Weight: 20 - 22lbs / 9 - 10kg
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