VS Series Vacuum Under Oil Capacitor Switches & Interruptors

VS Series Vacuum Under Oil Capacitor Switches & Interruptors

VS Series Vacuum Switches

The VS Series vacuum switches uniquely combines the extended maintenance-free life cycle benefits of a vacuum interrupter with the economical advantages of oil insulation. The switch is designed to perform in excess of 30,000 operations and should last over 30 years under normal operating conditions with appropriate maintenance. The VS vacuum switch is rated for application on 95kV, 125kV, and 150kV BIL pad-mounted and pole-mounted capacitor banks for both the 15kV LG and the 24kV LG applications.

Key features of the VS Series vacuum switches include:

  • Designed for 15kV, 25kV, and 35kV, 200A capacitor switch applications
  • Unique construction with best in class ratings
  • Full BIL rating whether the vacuum interrupter is open or closed
  • Motor or manual close / open operation
  • Drop in replacement for oil break capacitor switches
  • The VS Series oil switch fully conforms to ANSI Standard C37.66.

Additional features of the VS Series vacuum switch include:

  • The VSvacuum switch with 24kV line-to-ground rating is currently the highest-rated, single-phase motor-operated capacitor switch available for distribution applications; when properly installed on a 3-phase bank, it provides a cost-effective means for 3-phase capacitor bank switching. VS switches are available for application on both 23kV ungrounded and 34.5kV grounded-wye distribution systems.  
  • Unlike competitive products, the BIL rating remains the same whether the vacuum interrupter is open or closed. Additionally, the VS mechanism is designed to withstand a minimum of 30,000 open/close operations.
  • The VS vacuum switch is motor-operated and draws only 3 amps, versus 12 amps for equivalent solenoid-operated vacuum switches. The motor is more forgiving during poor power factor or low voltage conditions, operating properly within a voltage range of 100-130V AC for a 120V AC nominal secondary voltage system.
  • An external power source is not required to operate the switch. The switch can be operated manually if necessitated by system conditions or operational preferences.  
  • The VS vacuum switch is a direct replacement for oil switches, and it provides an easy retrofit during a performance upgrade of an existing pole-mounted capacitor bank.  
  • All switches are available with numerous options, including auxiliary contacts and mechanical counters. Also, a 240V motor operator option is available for 120V motor-operated switches. VS switches can be supplied in preassembled SmartBanks, can be packaged with other components such as junction boxes and SO cables with connectors, or can be supplied separately.

The VS series oil switch fully conforms to ANSI Standard C37.66.


  • Voltage ratings: 15kV or 24kV (LG: line-to-ground)
  • Load ratings: 200A
  • BIL ratings: 95, 125 or 150kV BIL
  • Bushings: 11, 17, or 24 inch creep
  • Operation: Motor or manual
  • Motor: 50/60 Hz, 120V or optional 240V motor
  • Mounting provision: NEMA pole mount; optional cross-arm or lug mount

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